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Essex Concrete Pumps boast a comprehensive service for concrete pump hire in Essex and the surrounding areas.

With competitive concrete pump hire cost, we guarantee exceptional value for our services. We have a ground in-line concrete pump fleet, which can provide support for any sort of project you require it for. All you need to do is give us a call today and explain your requirements and we will be able to provide you with the concrete pumps you need.

Our concrete pumps have the capability to place large and small quantities of concrete, without mess, in areas that are awkward or difficult places. This is especially the case where large vehicles like concrete mixers are not able to get access too. This also applies to areas whereby our concrete delivery equipment could easily be damaged because of the environment. Our experienced and helpful operatives are there to crew our in-line pumps, so you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

What is Concrete Pumping?

In very simple terms, concrete pumping is the act of moving fresh concrete from one place to another. One of the main reasons why this is needed is because of access. If you have work carried out in your kitchen or the back of your home, it can be difficult to get access. And, as we have said, it is not possible to leave concrete in the front garden for it to be shoveled around the back when you get the chance.

A concrete pump is necessary if your building site is underground, up high, or there is no access for the concrete lorry.

The Concrete Pumping

Safe parking

The lorries and equipment will arrive where they are needed after an assessment has been carried out. After the assessment, the equipment and lorries can be parked so that the concrete can be moved.

This requires laying pipes for the concrete to move through so this area needs to be clear of other equipment that might get in the way.

Mix the concrete

Concrete has to constantly move so that it doesn’t set.

The lorry with the concrete will park up and continue to rotate its drum to ensure that the concrete stays fluid.

Pouring the concrete

Once the pump system has been primed and is ready to use, the concrete will be poured directly into the pump.

The pump will then use its hydraulic system to pump the concrete through the pipes to the end location. One of the operatives will stay with the pump while another will ensure there are no issues with the pipe.

Reaching the end

At the other end of the pipe, there will be the final destination for the concrete.

Our operatives will ensure that the concrete reaches the end of the pipe and where you need it to go.

Clean up

After the concrete has been delivered, our operatives will clean out the pipes and the pump.

This is completed after every job to ensure that our equipment gives the best delivery for every client.

Benefits for Concrete
Pumping in Essex

When it comes to pumping concrete, there are many benefits. These can include


Better quality mix - It has been believed that pumping concrete makes it weaker but because of how it needs to be mixed, it is actually stronger.

This is not our opinion but is the result of tests which have been carried out to ensure that the concrete used is safe for construction work.


Go anywhere - If you are working in a hard to reach place, getting concrete there can be impossible.

If you employ the use of our concrete pumping service, concrete can be delivered wherever you need it. This could be at the top of a building or deep underground.


Multiple jobs - If you have a site which requires multiple pours this can be hard to achieve with a regular pour.

Using a pump allows you to control the flow of the concrete in a way that allows you to complete several pours in one load.


Fewer workers - As we have control over the pour, this means that you need fewer workers at the pour site, freeing up workers for other jobs.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using our mobile concrete pumping service in Essex.

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